Inspiring great performance with people-sourced feedback
Express Feedback® empowers businesses to engage stakeholders, diagnose their business realities, and take positive actions.
Understand what's happening...Fast
Unlike a standard survey, Express Feedback® captures the feedback users want to provide. We source feedback by integrating into mobile apps, websites, tablets, emails and other connection points. This allows Express Feedback® to be your agile and low risk stand-alone or fully integrated solution for big data insights with limited development effort.
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Real-time Continuous Insights
Fast Feedback sourced from your stakeholders generates massively insightful analytics about your products, services, and employees. Whether used to better understand your customer experience or to enhance associate connection, Express Feedback® insights provide the clarity needed for real-time decision-making.
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Take Action to Encourage, Promote and Fix
Express Feedback® solutions are built for intelligent activation. Responses to user feedback can be highly customized based on multiple factors including customer sentiment, location and profile. Fast feedback skews more positive creating unique opportunities for marketing content, employee retention and scaling your positive realities.
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